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by on May 24, 2015 updated May 24, 2015

The Indianapolis Colts are a team on the rise since the Andrew Luck era began. Every NFL season Luck has been under center has gotten the Colts a step closer to the Super Bowl. It’s obvious he’s the key to Indianapolis moving forward yet another step. Which is what makes this draft a little puzzling.

 Philip Dorsett 1st Round – Wide Receiver – Most team with a top tier NFL quarterback make it a priority to protect him. Certainly you must surround him with good receivers and give him some weapons. The Colts already had good weapons in T.Y. Hilton and the brought in Andre Johnson and Donte Mocrief is a proven commodity. So taking Dorsett with their top pick has us wondering just what they’re thinking. Wouldn’t protecting Luck and giving him more time and a better running game be more effective in the 015 NFL season. Dorsett will contribute at some point but for Indianapolis the future is now. Not saying this is a bad pick, it just seems like the Colts had more urgent needs.

 D’Joun Smith  – Cornerback – This move makes a lot more sense. Indianapolis moved down and gained an extra selection and when their time came they addressed an area of need. Smith has a chance to contribute this season and help the Colts beleagured secondary.

 Clayton Geathers – Safety – Another pick we can understand and for all the same reason Smith got a nod of approval.

 David Parry – Nose Tackle – Seems like the Colts went off track again. Not because Nose Tackle wasn’t an area of need but because Parry wasn’t rated as high as this. Maybe Indianapolis got a steal and everyone else is wrong.

Josh Robinson – Running Back – With Frank Gore on the roster and past his prime this move does make some sense. Robinson provides fresh legs and the price is right and he has enough talent to possibly develop into a starter in a season or two.

Finally, Amarlo Herrara (Linebacker) and Mars Hill (Guard) are late round picks that may or may not make the team. Protecting Andrew Luck with your 7th Round pick down the line doesn’t seem likely but hey, what do we know?



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