NFL Tickets – New Coaches Galore Pt 2

by on July 14, 2013 updated July 12, 2013

Back to our analysis of who will be the new guys running NFL teams in 2013.


NFL Football Tickets


Buffalo Bills – Doug Marrone earned a solid rep doing his thing with the New Orleans Saints before moving on to be a Head Coach at Syracuse. He won’t have Drew Brees in Buffalo but he did do wonders for the Syracuse football program so he may have the chops to get the Bills back to respectability. Given enough time Marrone should improve things in Buffalo.

Chicago Bears – Marc Trestman – Can a Canadian football coach find love and acceptance in the NFL? Trestman was certainly successful in Canada where he won a couple of Grey Cups. How well that translates is anyone’s guess. It’s important to remember that he has been an NFL coach before. The Bears also have the foundation of a good team. If Trestman solidifies the O-line and invigorates the offense he’ll do some good things.

Philadelphia Eagles – The creative Ducks coach brings his act to the NFL where Defensive Coordinators are slobbering to get a chance to shut down a genius. Not many college football coaches have made the transition straight to the top and done it successfully. Kelly will be challenged and he’s got some issues at quarterback. This is probably the boldest and most dangerous move of the offseason.

San Diego Chargers – Mike McCoy is anything if not flexible. He’s done good things with different quarterbacks and has a knack for realizing the full potential of his players. He’ll have a grace period after the long torture Chargers fans underwent with Norv Turner. Philip Rivers should be overjoyed with the Mike McCoy offense.

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