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by on July 25, 2013 updated July 23, 2013

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The never ending story of the Cleveland Browns brought to you by NFL tickets and the good folks in Cleveland. OK, that’s pretty harsh. But you have to admit that the Cleveland Browns have been their own worst enemy for the best part of a decade now and the carousel that has been the coaches slot in Cleveland is spinning again. This time the rider is Rob Chudzinski, who is bringing along Norv Turner for his offensive coordinator after his firing from San Diego.

Realistically Chudzinski is walking into a situation where even the slightest bit of success would be cause for celebration. I mean a six or seven win season would ignite a firestorm among Browns fans. So there’s that. Then again, if this is signing on to a dysfunctional organization then Chudzinski can add his name to a long list of predestined failures.

First order of business in a new regime is to take a season and figure out what you’ve got. The Browns are hoping Brandon Weeden is a quarterback around whom they can build. They’re also hoping Trent Richardson can stay healthy for a full season and gibe Weeden a reliable running game. In the passing game Cleveland has high hopes for Greg Little, a gamer who appeared to be coming into his own as 2012 progressed. Josh Gordon had 50 catches in his rookie season and his big frame gives him the opportunity to become a very good possession type receiver.

So, you want to change your defensive scheme do you? Again? Good luck with that. Everyone must learn to play under a different philosophy and not everyone really fits the scheme, although the building blocks of any defense, the defensive line, is very solid. Elsewhere the Cleveland Browns have some adjustments to make, most obviously at cornerback.

If Chudzinski is very good and the Browns stay healthy they could conceivably win six or seven games. Which is moving in the right direction for this franchise.

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