NFL Tickets – Bye Bye Bye

by on March 10, 2014 updated March 10, 2014

 The housecleaning, and the rebuilding, will begin in earnest today as NFL teams ditch big names and big contracts, and start looking for that one key piece that will propel them into champions. For most teams it probably won’t happen. But it’s sure to get interesting in the next few days as big names leave their teams for new territory.


NFL Football Tickets


 Amoong them? Possibly Darrelle Revis, a huge signing by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers who signed Revis away from the Jets only to see the team take on a new coach who has a scheme that just doesn’t mesh with Revis’ talents. A trade may happen but it’s more likely that the rest of the NFL will sit back and wait for the cut rather than pay the big bucks Revis gets from Tampa.

 As expected, the New York jets said goodbye to Santonio Holmes in a move designed to free up cap space and build for the future. Meanwhile, the Carolina Panthers are trying to get something for an aging but still effective Steve Smith. Minnesota might need a veteran on their receiving corp and Smith still looks to have some life in him.

 In a move that looks good for both parties, the defending Super Bowl Champions inked Defensive End Michael Bennett to a four year deal. Bennett never tested the market, preferring to stay with a team that has a chnace to win another Super Bowl.

 Get ready NFL fans. It might get hectic over the next few days.

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