NFL Tickets – Blooming in the Fall

by on July 29, 2011 updated July 29, 2011

NFL tickets holders got an early spring this week as the labor struggles came to an end with just a whisker of time to spare. It’s kind of how most NFL fans figured it to play out. There is simply too much to lose by forcing football fans to sit out any longer. So all’s well that ends well and we’ll be sitting in the stands as another NFL season rolls around with little changed for the ordinary NFL fans.

What we will get, and what we have been getting as this week goes by was an extraordinary flurry of movement in NFL rosters. Just to run off a quick and incomplete list: The Washington Redskins shipped troubled Albert Haynesworth off to the New England Patriots, who also got Ochocinco from the Cleveland Browns. The Seattle Seahawks parted ways with Matt Hasselbeck, who makes his way to the Tennessee Titans after they said goodbye to Vince Young. The Miami Dolphins are trying to spark some excitement in their backfield by signing Reggie Bush away from the New Orleans Saints, who countered with a surprise signing of Darren Sproles, the dynamic running back from the San Diego Chargers,

NFL rosters will sit at 90 to open training camp and with the shortened free agency period, the teams that did their homework diligently will reap the benefits. But as always, the NFL can spring surprises and I expect more this NFL season than we usually get. Regardless, dust off those NFL tickets baby, the games are on and it’s gonna be a great season.


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