NFL Tickets – Baltimore Ravens 2013 Preview

by on July 23, 2013 updated July 21, 2013

NFL tickets brought Baltimore Ravens fans a Super Bowl win. In 2013 NFL tickets, especially ravens tickets, are going to bring Baltimore Ravens fans wholesale changes to their team. Most Super Bowl winners will spend their time trying to defend the key components of their team from being pillaged by the rest of the NFL. The Baltimore Ravens seem to be saying “OK, we won a Super Bowl, let’s jettison what we can and rebuild another Super Bowl squad.” It’s kind of a different take on the matter of winning in the NFL.


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Here’s the bottom line of the players Baltimore felt expendable: Of course the biggest name, Ray Lewis, was gone into retirement anyway. But Baltimore also said goodbye to Ed Reed, a still reliable but honestly aging safety. Linebackers Paul Kruger and Dannell Ellerbe were not signed to another contract and in the secondary, cornerback Cary Williams was allowed to leave. Finally, Baltimore traded Anquan Boldin to San Francisco. It looks like the days when the Ravens won with defense have given way to a new era of offensive minded thinking.

Maybe giving Joe Flaco a $120 million contract after he won a Super Bowl had something to do with it. Flaco was exceptional all season and got even better when the playoffs began. There will be adjustments to make. With Boldin gone the Ravens will have to give Torrey Smith the title of playmaker on the offense. Smith is a very good long ball threat. If he can make some possession plays the Ravens won’t miss Boldin that much. Expect Offensive Coordinator Jim Caldwell to work Jacoby Jones into the mix more often also. Ray Rice will still be playing a major role in the Baltimore attack. His physical style and prowess in the passing game make him an all purpose back.

On defense there will be plenty of new names. Terrell Suggs isn’t one of them. Suggs was sidelined for much of the season but his return should provide some continuity. Some new faces? Elvis Dumervil was stolen from Denver and he adds some real talent to an already very good defensive line. At linebacker, Arthur Brown will have to try to fill the shoes of Ray Lewis. Safety may be a concern with the departure of Ed Reed. Michael Huff is capable but he’s got big shoes to fill while the Ravens will also be starting a rookie safety in Matt Elam.


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