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NFL Football Tickets


Fans want to use their NFL tickets. Owners want to sell those tickets. Players want fans with tickets in the stands. What’s the problem?

The problem is greed. Everyone in the whole NFL labor dispute seems to be greedy. But let’s be realistic. If there’s a deal on the table, and you get a part of it, wouldn’t you try to maximize your end of it? Sure you would. So would I. But somewhere along the line you have to decide what’s the fairest deal and let’s just get to it. Right now the question in the NFL is who carries the biggest stick? Can the owners like Jerry Jones afford to let billion dollar stadiums sit idle? Can the players hang together long enough to make their threat valid? Having lost $4 billion in TV money, the owners lost a major playing card. But players are faced with no paychecks, the need for insurance and workout money, and some of them will be hurting, the lower end guys.

When will we use our NFL tickets? I’m guessing, optimistically, that this fiasco will be solved soon and we’ll get at least shortened training camps and the usual slate of pre-season games. keep you fingers crossed because I’m usually wrong. Maybe I should ask my wife.

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