NFL Tickets – Arizona Cardinals Trade for Palmer

by on April 4, 2013 updated April 4, 2013



The Arizona Cardinals have a new quarterback. Again. Yesterday the Cardinals finally completed a trade for Carson Palmer, giving up a practically nothing. OK they swapped places in the draft with Oakland and if Palmer can start 13 games they’ll have to add a seventh Round pick. That’s practically nothing in my book.

The eternal question among the fans who buy NFL tickets is: What are the Arizona Cardinals getting? Well, potentially this could turn out to be a great deal. Carson Palmer was once a top ranked gunslinger in the NFl, leading the Bengals into the top of the offensive rankings. Given talent around him he could do as much as any good NFL quarterback. Unfortunately that hasn’t been the case of late. The Bengals talent slipped into the sea and the Raiders, well, they never had any. Palmer started over the last two years and won about a quarter of his games. But that’s Oakland.

Of course he’s entering a highly questionable system in Arizona isn’t he? The Arizona Cardinals managed to win five games last season by parading four quarterbacks through their system. They all pretty much sucked. In my humble opinion I think they MAY have given themselves and upgrade here, one of considerable proportions. Arizona has the makings of a good but not great NFL team. Solid quarterback play always goes a long way. Even if you’ve got a guy whose biggest asset is his ability to avoid shooting himself in the foot, it would be an improvement in Arizona. I like this move.

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