NFL Tickets and the Winds of Change

by on September 29, 2008 updated September 29, 2008

 One thing you can say about the NFL is that change is the only constant. As you look around the league that becomes evident. And that’s a good thing. Just this week those winds of change are blowing hard.

 One of the biggest stories of the year is the move to the New York Jets by quarterback Brett Favre. Now I’d be the last guy to tell you that Favre makes the Jets a Super Bowl contender. But realistically he’s made them a better team. Evidence of that comes in his six touchdown performance this week against the Arizona Cardinals. Is he that great a quarterback in his waning years? Probably not but Favre still has more gas in the tank. More importantly, the jets believe in him. And belief can carry you a long way. 

 More change comes in the 4-0 record of the Buffalo Bills. It’s been a long time coming for Buffalo. Amazingly the Bills are leading the division after a quarter of the season. When was the last time the New England Patriots were second to anybody? And with Tom Brady out and the pats reeling from their stunning loss to the Miami Dolphins a Bills victory over New England no longer seems like such an incredible idea.

 The St. Louis Rams have called an official end to the Scott Linehan era. Linehan never took hold on this team. The Rams are 3-17 in their last 20 games. Defensive coordinator Jim Haslett, a former head coach with the New Orleans Saints, will take over on at least a temporary basis. Which brings us to the Oakland Raiders circus. Every day is a new day for Lane Kiffin to get fired. I honestly think the only reason Kiffin is still there is to collect his check. He’s been hamstrung, gutted, and left to rot by owner Al Davis. the only worse thing that could happen for the Raiders is for Al Davis to still be in charge when they pick a new coach.

After a couple pof down years the Chicago Bears look like they’ve regained some fire, upending a good Philadelphia Eagles team on Sunday. The Bears, armed with a good defense, a decent (at least consistent) quarterback, and a solid rookie running back in Matt Forte, should challenge again the NFC North.

 And how about the Washington Redskins? With every pundit in the land calling the Dallas Cowboys a sure fire Super Bowl team, the Skins went into Texas Stadium and handed Tony Romo and crew their heads. Better keep an eye on this team and the division in general.

 In the NFC South, no champion has repeated in almost a decade. It looks like the Carolina Panthers, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and New Orleans Saints will battle it out in a close division race.

 And finally, the Kansas City Chiefs ended a 12 game losing streak by beating a previously hot Denver team. The Broncos have been pulling off some late game heroics but couldn’t get it done in Arrowhead.

Overall, an interesting week for the NFl, one that could set a tone for the rest of the season.  


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