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by on August 19, 2013 updated August 19, 2013

The AFC West has every chance of sending a team to the Super Bowl and probably of having one of their teams finsish with the worst record in the conference.


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Denver Broncos – Unless something should happen to Peyton Manning the Denver Broncos will be the best team in the AFC West by far. They’re probably better than all the other teams even without Manning. Adding Wes Welker to the short passing game and running back Montee Ball to the running game is simply unfair. The Broncos are good enough to go a long way into the playoffs but they’ll have to fix some of the mental lapses that cost them dearly last season. 13 or 14 wins and an AFC West Championship are in the cards.

San Diego Chargers – It may be a reach but the San Diego Chargers have Philip Rivers going for them and he’s a consistently better quarterback than we see in Oakland or Kansas City and that makes a difference in today’s NFL. San Diego has made some moves to help protect their quarterback and that should help cut down on the turnovers. They’ve also invested heavily in their defense, using their top two picks in the draft to get some push up front and get a playmaker on the field in Manti Te’o. That should be good enough for 2nd place in the AFC West.

Kansas City Chiefs – In going with Andy Reid the Chiefs have gotten themselves a guy who knows how to build a football team. Reid has yet to acquire the talent he’ll need to create an instant winner but Kansas City should play better fundamental football than they have over the last two years. If the Chiefs can get to six or seven wins the fans in Kansas City will hail him as a savior.

Oakland Raiders – It’s hard to fault Oakland for not being competitive. They’re still tainted by the madness of Al Davis. Given enough time, Oakland could be a better football team. Matt Flynn should help but he needs better talent around him and the same could be said of Darren McFadden. The Raiders will be scratching until they can clear some cap space and exercise an intelligent search for legitimate football talent.

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