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by on August 15, 2013 updated August 15, 2013

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The AFC East offers some very good options in NFL tickets and we expect to see some surprise results in this division in 2013.



New England Patriots – When you’ve won as much in the NFL as the New England Patriots you get picked to win your division. New England gets the nod gain in 2013 but it’s a tenuous nod. So many hits came in the offseason that it’s hard to see how they can’t affect this team. Still, Tom Brady is the proven commodity and if the defense improves the Patriots win the AFC East.

Miami Dolphins – If there’s a Dark Horse in the AFC East it’s the Miami Dolphins. There’s enough good things happening in Miami to give anyone second thoughts. Ryan Tannehill could have a breakthrough season. If he does the Miami Dolphins will compete for an AFC East title. A boatload of new starters means this is a different Miami Dolphins than we’ve seen over the last few years.

Buffalo Bills – New Coach, New Management, New Quarterback, same old story? The Buffalo Bills are rebuilding. Again. This franchise has to prove something in 2013 to make us believers.

New York Jets – If Rex Ryan is still around next season it will be a miracle. The continual circus surrounding this franchise, the herky jerky personnel moves, the boisterous proclamations, all add up to nothing if you don’t win. This is the most unexplainable NFL franchise in existence. Jets fans are fed up and they probably won’t be happy when the 2013 NFL season is over. Except when they say goodbye to Ryan.


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