NFL Tickets – A Changing Landscape

by on October 26, 2009 updated October 26, 2009

 I love the NFL. If there’s any ticket out there that can deliver surprises it’s NFL tickets. Each and every year since the advent of “parity” by way of a salary cap, the NFL has given birth to a new team that’s come from nowhere or risen from the ashes of the dumpster. 2009 is no different. The landscape has changed for several teams, some rising, some appearing to fall. Seven weeks into the season I see the winds of change blowing on:

New England Patriots – Where is the dynasty that seemed such a surefire thing when the Patriots went undefeated in the regular season? Since then New England has missed the playoffs and now seems to be a beatable team, having suffered losses to both the New York Jets and Denver Broncos. Maybe the whalloping of the Bucs and Titans will get them back on track. But I don’t think so. I think New England has fallen ever so slightly back into the pack of very good NFL teams.

Denver Broncos – Are the 2009 Denver Broncos an illusion? Are they really this good? It’s hard to argue with 6-0 and wins over the Patriots and Chargers already on the books. Stay tuned. The Broncos collpased last year. But that was when they didn’t have a defense.

Tennessee Titans – From the penthouse to the outhouse. What happened to this team? At 0-6 Jeff Fisher is scrambling for purchase on his job. A housecleaning may be in order. Or, if Vince Young takes over and plays well, he may find salvation. The jury is still out but leaning towards the death penalty.

New York Giants – Maybe losing two games in a row is slanting my view but the New York Giants may have been exposed by the Saints and Cardinals. Just throw the  ball and attack Eli. We’ll know more when New York visits the Philadelphia Eagles this week. A loss would be….unGiantlike.

Chicago Bears – When Jay Cutler came to town Bears fans started a feverish seasrch for Super Bowl tickets. Now Kyle Orton looks good and Cutler looks average at best. Who knew? Not me.

New Orleans Saints – Just when I thought the Saints would begin folding their tents, down 21 points to Miami, they rise up and make me look like a fool. More importantly, the resurrection began with the defense, a unit that may be the most opportunistic outfit in the NFL today.


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