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by on February 15, 2010 updated February 15, 2010

 One of the more obvious symptoms of losses is the resulting sea of changes that occurs in an NFL team during the break. The New York Giants were an obvious dissapointment this season and the result: Big changes on defense.

The Giants started off strong in 2009, ripping off 5 straight games to be considered one of the better teans in the NFC East. Unfortunately, a loss to the New Orleans Saints sent the Giants into a stuttering tailspin and they never recovered. What was shocking was the fact that the New York Defense, a foundation of the team, was being knocked around at will by opposing NFL offenses.

 The New York Giants have now fired their Defensive Coordinator and an assistant, and just axed linebacker Antonio Pierce. Injuries played a big part in this along with some bad pub from the Burress incident. Hopefully for fans of the New York Giants, the organization can pull off a reversal and get moving back in the right direction. A stron New York franchise is a must for the NFL.


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