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by on September 24, 2012 updated September 24, 2012


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Holy Crap! Are the Minnesota Vikings suddenly relevant? I have to admit that I in no way saw the Vikings taking on and beating the San Francisco 49ers, a team so dominant defensively that the Packers and the Lions looked downright weak offensively. But it happened and it happened under the leadership of Christian Ponder, a quarterback so overshadowed in his own division you’d need a flashlight to find him.

But it was Ponder who found the key to dismantling the 49ers defense using both his arm and his feet to score touchdowns and taking advantage of the Niners rush to escape, find an open receiver and deliver the goods. The Minnesota Vikings are now 2-1 and in pretty good shape in their own NFC North. We’ll have to wait and see whether this is a sign of things to come or some kind of fluke but the NFL better take notice.

Seriously, you have to be impressed by Christian Ponder. he took what many consider to be the best defense in the NFL and owned it. Completing 21 of 35 for 198 yards is not Hall of Fame stuff but it’s entirely reasonable withing the framework of the Vikings offense. What’s more important is that Ponder managed to complete key passes at critical times, kept the 49ers rush at bay with timely runs, and seemed completely comfortable even when things didn’t go as planned. Against a hard hitting defense like San Francisco, having a kid who can keep coming back at you is a definite plus for the Minnesota Vikings.

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