NFL Tickets – 49ers Clinch With Win Overs Patriots

by on December 17, 2012 updated December 17, 2012


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The San Francisco 49ers clinched a playoff spot this week, hanging on for a 41-34 victory over the New England Patriots. The NFC West is now within their grasp, the only standing in the way is a face to face with the Seattle Seahawks next week.

San Francisco ran out to a big lead before allowing Tom Brady and the Patriots back into the game. But a Michael Crabtree touchdown with a little over six minutes to go, followed by a field goal on the next drive, kept the Patriots at bay.

I’d really like to thank the San Francisco 49ers defense for this win, which propelled my fantasy football tea, Beetulikeadrum, into the championship game in our Afghanistan fantasy football league. Holding down Tom Brady and Wes Welker, who occupied top slots in my opponents roster, was a singularly triumphant feat.

Anyway, the 49ers seem to have found some kind of mystical rhythm this season one that while predominantly depends on defense, also includes and offense that can generate some heat on it’s own, as my New Orleans Saints found out last season. It’s an intangible that has served the 49ers well in 2012 and one that could propel them deep into the NFL playoffs.

As I sit here I’m wondering who can beat the Niners in the playoffs? I’m not impressed by Atlanta, too mercurial. The NFC East is competitive but the Giants are erratic, the Redskins young, and the Cowboys crunch time losers. How about Green Bay? Maybe, if there’s a quarterback out there that can wreck the Niners defense it’s probably Rodgers, but can the Green Bay defense hold up their end of the bargain? That’s up in the air.

Maybe the San Francisco 49ers are Super Bowl worthy.

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