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NFL Football Tickets


The NFL season is now a quarter of the way through the schedule and as usual there are some surprise teams out there, both good and bad. We all know that the NFL is unpredictable, which is kind of what makes NFL tickets so great. We’d all like our favorite team to be sure winners but that’s why the game is played. So if you’re still looking around the schedule for NFL tickets, consider some of the following teams to put on your list.

Arizona Cardinals – The team that’s pretty much been a patsy for the rest of the NFL for so long has now grown some teeth. The Cardinals are among the very few unbeaten teams in the NFL, having just gotten away with a nail biting overtime win against the Miami Dolphins. But before you knock their opponents, remember that Arizona knocked down one of the big boys of the NFL in the New England Patriots. A hammering defense and a revived Kevin Kolb have given the Cardinals a real shot in the NFC West.

Atlanta Falcons – It’s not surprising to me that Atlanta is doing so well. I am surprised at how well they’re doing offensively though. With Michael Turner on the ebb side of his career, the Falcons have been slinging the ball around with Matt Ryan. And it’s working.

Houston Texans – No real surprise that the Houston Texans are good but I’m surprised how good they really are. At 4-0 this is the best start in franchise history and Houston is doing it with a combination of the run game and the defense, which seems to have stepped it up a notch without Mario Williams. How does that happen?

Minnesota Vikings – Now this is a surprise. The Vikings were dismissed months ago but nobody told them. Adrian Peterson is getting better by the week after recovering from surgery. Victories over the Detroit Lions and amazingly enough, the San Francisco 49ers, have NFL ticket holders scratching their heads. Are the Vikings for real?


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