NFL Tickets – 2014 Miami Dolphins Preview – Football not Fiasco

by on June 20, 2014 updated July 4, 2014


2014 Miami Dolphins Tickets


Miami Dolphins tickets got sidelined by a ridiculous situation last season, a fiasco that probably cost the Dolphins a couple of games and maybe a playoff spot. That being said, you have to consider their 8-8 performance in 2013 as being a good indicator that the Miami Dolphins are at least going to be more competitive in the 2014 NFL season, and maybe even surprise a few people with some post-season contention. If they get their offensive line together.

The offensive line woes hampered Miami badly. Their offense ended up 20th in the NFL in passing and more to the point, 26th in rushing. Not having any cohesion and losing key players because of the hazing controversy was a major factor. To help remedy that, Miami picked two offensive linemen in the first four rounds. #1 overall was JuWaun James, a tackle from Tennessee. While we can’t fault the idea of improving the offensive line, we believe the Dolphins could have moved down in the draft, gotten another pick or two, and still gotten James without much problem. The Dolphins got a better deal picking Billy Turner, a left tackle from North Dakota State. At least they didn’t pay too much for him in the 4th Round. Both of these players have a decent chance of starting and helpging to stabilize the offensive line, a factor for which Dolphins ticket holders will be eternally grateful.


NFL Football Tickets


Ryan Tannehill, despite the sieve in front of him, posted 3,900 passing yards and 24 touchdowns. Those numbers will improve if he can get some protection and some run support. Lamar Miller led the team with 709 yards on the ground. Not exactly tearing it up but again, we expect more in 2014. The kickstarter to the 2014 Dolphins campaign could be Jarvis Landry, 3rd Round pick from LSU. Landry provides Tannehil with a reliable receiver to work out of the slot. Mike Wallace didn’t live up to his billing. He’ll have to improve. Brian Hartline led with 74 catches.

2014 Miami Dolphins tickets should give Dolphins fans one thing at least: Football and not fiasco. The situation is over and everyone can get back to watching football. Given a stable line and no distractions we see this Dolphins team as being a factor in the AFC East come December.



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