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2014 New England Patriots tickets are promising yet another shot at a Super Bowl for Tom Brady and Bill Bellichick and time is growing short on the delivery. Everyone knows this. Tom Brady is 37, still a very good 37, but 37 nonetheless, a virtual Methusala for NFL quarterbacks. Patriots tickets holders know they need to win now. Brady knows he needs to win now. New England had a couple of areas that needed improvement after a 12-4 season and yet another loss in the playoffs.

The Patriots lost one tight end Aaron Hernandez to criminal charges and the other is always hurt. You’d think he’d find a steal in the draft and swoop down. He didn’t. Not a single Tight End came the Patriots’ way. Here’s who they did get: Dominique Easley, Defensive Tackle, Florida. A surprising pick that stunned most fans and draft analysts. Easley has potential but his injury history(torn ACL) makes him a very suspect player in the long term.


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Another stunner for Patriots ticket buyers in Round 2 when Belichick took Jimmy Garoppolo, quarterback. Quarterback? The Patriots needed some help at linebacker. Belichick passed and took Garappolo. Immediately the questions began about what this means for Tom Brady and how does this help the team in 2014. The answer? It doesn’t.

The rest of the draft served to add depth but no tremendous talent. A couple of promising offensive linemen, a wide receiver, a safety. yawn.

It may seem like we’re knocking the Patriots draft but we’re not. We’re also not putting ourselves on record as saying this was a bad draft. We are saying it was surprising that the Patriots seemed to be unaware of their situation, namely a team that must win a Super Bowl before Brady goes riding off into the sunset. Maybe though, just maybe, Bill Belichick knows a thing or two about building an NFL Champion and we don’t. In 2014, Patriots tickets will yield some answers.

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