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The AFC seems to be already set in the top four spots. After that it gets crazy. Much more so than the NFC, there’s room here for one team or another to make a surprise move. Without further ado, here are our top picks, in order, for the AFC.


Denver Broncos- No surprise here, the Denver broncos bring a record setting offense into 2014. What’s more, some major changes on defense mean the Broncos may be a more complete team in the upcoming season.

 New England Patriots – Again, no surprise. The Patriots need nothing more than winning the AFC East in order to have a shot at a Super Bowl. Considering we’re talking about the Jets, Bills, and Dolphins it’s safe to say that barring disaster the Patriots will be there.

Cincinnati Bengals – Slightly more difficult but since the Bengals have been on the upswing, the focus is already on winning in the playoffs. Get over that first post-season win and Cincinnati could be the surprise team in the AFC.

Indianapolis Colts – The Colts have Andrew Luck and the rest of the AFC South doesn’t. That should be enough.

While the above four teams appear to be virtual locks on their respective divisions in 2014, there’s plenty of movement in the rest of the AFC and enough player movement to assure some vigorous sparring for the Wild Card spots. Here’s our picks.

 San Diego Chargers – Philip Rivers has been given a second life in the new regime. Given their schedule and player losses, the Chiefs will more than likely take a step back.

Pittsburgh Steelers – It’s hard to keep the Steelers down. They’ll rebound after a miserable 2013 and make the playoffs. With a proven quarterback and new pieces on defense who knows after that?


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