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The 2013 Tampa Bay Buccaneers are hoping to keep ascending under their new Head Coach Greg Schiano who took them from four to seven wins last season. Things would be on much more of an even keel had the Bucs not swooned at the end of the season. A 6-4 start had fans perked up and ready to go.

Now Buccaneers fans are perked up because of a few moves the franchise made during the off-season, the biggest of which was probably the signing of Darrelle Revis from the New York Jets, a very promising move that should drastically improve a Bucs defense that was porous last season. But it was an obvious move to make. Tampa Bay finished the season as the #1 defense against the run. Now, was that because they were so good against the run or was it because Tampa Bay had so little defense against the pass that teams didn’t even bother to try running? Probably the latter. With Revis on the corner and new safety Dashon Goldson manning the middle, hopes are that the Bucs defense will be able to handle the passing attacks of the Saints and Falcons within their own division.

The offense is still trying to find the right combination for Josh Freeman, who had a pretty good season, but cost the Bucs some wins with a vicious interception spree in key games. That could even out a little as he gets better protection from an improved offensive line and the running of Doug Martin, who burst onto the scene in his rookie season as a very effective all purpose back. Vincent Jackson is expected to have another solid season but Tampa Bay would do well to find Freeman a productive man over the middle to help beat the pass rush.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have to get it together on defense if they want to handle the Saints and Falcons in their own division, not to mention some of the stronger quarterbacks in the NFC. Furthermore, Josh Freeman has to make his mark in 2013 or face the chance of Tampa Bay moving on to another quarterback.


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