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by on July 29, 2013 updated July 29, 2013

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The Houston Texans are hoping to recover from a disappointing 2012 NFL season that seemed to have everything going their way. The Texans roared to a 12-2 record, holding the AFC South title in their hands and home field advantage within reach. Then it all fell apart. Losses in their last two games kicked the Texans back into the pack and a playoff loss to the Patriots wrote the final chapter of The Season That Could Have Been.

Obviously the Houston Texans don’t need a major overhaul. They’re a very solid NFL team that can compete with anyone. So the 2013 season becomes a study in how to finish. How to finish games, how to finish in the proverbial Big games, how to operate under the microscope of success. All the elements are in place so Houston did some tweaking in the offseason to try and improve an already talented roster.

The biggest names on the team remain the same. Quarterback Matt Schaub and Wide receiver Andre Johnson, along with running back Arian Foster, are the heart of a very capable offense. To take some of the pressure off of Johnson, the Texans used a draft choice on DeAndre Hopkins out of Clemson. While Schaub has been putting up big numbers, his performance in big games hasn’t been stellar. More weapons may cure that ailment.

The defensive side of the ball is also in good shape. Linebacker Brian Cushing is a man other offenses need to be aware of. J.J. Watt is probably as good a pass rusher as any team could need. But the back end got toasted all the same bu just about every top flight quarterback they faced. Adding Ed Reed could help if he’s still in good physical shape. In the pass oriented NFL you can’t afford to give up the big play and Reed is known as a guy who can create turnovers and his ability to play the ball as well as his receiver should help the Texans immensely.

Bottom Line? The Houston Texans are good enough to contend for a Super Bowl. But the team mentality has to carry on through the whole season and the killer instinct has to be honed to a razors edge for Houston to play in the Super Bowl.

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