NFL Tickets – 16 and Counting

by on August 28, 2010 updated August 28, 2010

¬†Should the NFL go to an 18 game regular season? Heck, I don’t know. It would definitely make things more interesting for about two weeks. Every NFL ticket holder gets 20 NFL tickets in his hands every year. He pays the same price for a pre-season ticket as he does for a regular season ticket. But he doesn’t get the same quality of play. He doesn’t get to see the best players. And for the most part, the average NFL fan doesn’t care as much about the pre-season as he does about the “REAL” season.

My biggest concern is whether an NFl team can truly prepare in two weeks. Should the pre-season be shortened, would those surprise players get a chance to develop? For instance, last night against the San Diego Chargers, Saints undrafted rookie Chris Ivory got plenty of playing time, did well, and broke open a 76-yard TD catch and run that was beautiful to behold. In an 18 game NFL ticket season, Ivory would probably not have been on the field and may not have made the team. Now he’s a lock. Think about it.

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