NFL Ticket Power – Ranking the League

by on July 24, 2009 updated July 24, 2009

 It’s always a gamble. Somewhere out there is an NFL team that will exceed all expectations and deliver a blockbuster season. Still, it’s always fun to speculate so let’s take a look at which NFL tickets we believe will deliver a winning season and have a shot at carrying fans to the Super Bowl.

New England Patriots Tickets – This is a gimme. How can anyone not anticipate the New England Patriots to compete for another Lombardi Trophy. 2008 was a fluke, yopu hear me? The Pats will be there.  Downside note to the Patriots – Tom Brady will either thrill or dismay Patriots ticket holders. Everyone is banking on a return of the old Brady. Still a ?

Pittsburgh Steelers Tickets - Odds are high that the Pittsburgh Steelers will make it a race. A young team with good quarterbacking, solid and deep at every position with no glaring weaknesses. Downside – The curse of the Super Bowl.

New York Giants Tickets - Defensively the New York Giants have a top notch squad. My question is offense and if they can replace the threat of Plaxico.  Stranger things have happened.

Indianapolis Colts Tickets - Everywhere I look I see the Colts atop the power rankings. I think this is a tribute to Payton. There’s too much uncertainty over coaching changes and fundamental franchise adjustments for me to feel confident here.

Tennessee Titans Tickets – You have to like the Titans basic approach to football in the NFL. Play tough defense and build on a power running game. I’d almost welcome a Titans Super Bowl to keep some people’s heads screwed on straight.

Carolina Panthers Tickets – The Song Remains the Same. Fox has made barely discernible changes to a team that lost to the Arizona Cardinals 33-13 in the first round of the playoffs. What makes me hesitant about Carolina is the up and down syndrome they’ve shown over the years.


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