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by on May 7, 2014 updated May 7, 2014

It’s an annual ritual. The NFL Draft probably does as much as anything to generate excitement among football fans about their NFL tickets. Fans will speculate, guess, consult a medium, read endless evaluations, and throw darts at a board to try and figure out which player will get drafted. For some NFL teams, one draft can create a dynasty. It can also send a GM and a coach packing.


NFL Football Tickets


The 2014 NFL draft offers some intriguing players. Guys who have generated split opinions. The most controversial player is probably Johnny Manziel. He’s been labeled everything from a savior to a zero. The up side? An impressive college resume. The down side? Size and perhaps a bit of a circus atmosphere when he’s around. Manziel has been slotted anywhere from the # 1 pick to falling all the way to Round 2. We believe some NFL team will take a chance in the 1st Round.

Then there’s Jadeveon Clowney. The South Carolina star has been labeled a beast. he’s also been labeled a slacker. Possessing ideal physical talent, NFL scouts see him as a dominating end, capable of wreaking havoc in the backfield. He’s also been called a guy who will take plays off and not put in the work in practice. Clowney has been pegged as possibly going to the Houston Texans as the top pick and there’s also been plenty of speculation that the Atlanta Falcons will trade up to grab him.

The 2014 NFL draft is going to be top heavy with offensive players, especially in the area of wide receivers where four or five guys could become immediate starters for the right team. It hasn’t been short on media coverage either. Adding two weeks of coverage this season has NFL fans chomping at the bit to get started. What happens in the draft has an immediate impact on the sale of NFL tickets. Take the right guy and your ticket sales can go through the roof. Disappoint your fans and you may pay at the box office.


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