NFL Supplement Policy – A Study in Stupidity

by on December 4, 2008 updated April 19, 2014

 The NFL has handed down a verdict on some of the players involved in the use of banned supplements. Now let’s get this straight. Nobody is saying that these players used steroids or deliberately went out of their way to circumvent the NFL’s policy on steroids. The way I understand it, players from both the Minnessota Vikings and New Orleans Saints used a dietary supplement for weight control. The kicker is that the NFL knew about the banned ingredients but did not release the information. Some of the players went so far as to inquire about the use of StarCaps but were not informed by the league of the banned ingredients even though the NFL was well aware of it.

 Unfortunately for the Vikings and Saints the loss of these players comes at a crucial time when both teams are still entertaining playoff hopes. Obviously a suspension will affect the run of these teams.

Why doesn’t the NFL just say “OK, you can use this but not that.” Why not fully disclose the ingredients in a product if they are known to be banned? These players have been misused.

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