NFL Slumps Need Answers

by on October 6, 2007 updated October 15, 2007

 NFL tickets are always full of surprises. Teams that are expected to be contenders suddenly find themselves on the outside looking in while others, weak on paper, find a formula for success. The 2007 NFL season is no different.

The New Orleans Saints have turned from America’s darlings back into loveable losers. The long term outlook is still good. Sean Payton is a good coach and the Saints have talent. Now in a 0-3 hole, the Saints will need another Katrina miracle to make the NFL Playoffs. It starts with a win Sunday against the Carolina Panthers. A loss means a rebuilding year.

The San Diego Chargers are anothet huge surprise in the loser department. The problem is how to rebuild a team that has talent just oozing from it’s pores. Earlier this year I suggested jokingly that nobody named Norv could ever be successful in the NFL. Maybe the change has to be at the top and not on the roster. This week’s game with the Denver Broncos has developed into a game of survival for the Lightning Bolts.

Miami Dolphins tickets are another dissapointment. The Dolphins have gone from having a good edefnse to no defense and the offense is still stuck in park. At 0-4 the prospects for tha Dolphins are as bad as they can be. Turning this team around is a long term project.

The Philadelphia Eagles are stunningly bad. McNabb has had one good game. Even worse, the defense can’t stop anybody. There’s been some talk that the legal problems of Andy Reid’s sons have kept him from concentrating on the team. I think the Eagles are just on the downside of a winning slope. Reid’s a great coach. He needs an overhaul.

St. Louis Rams tickets are suffering the death knell of injury. Orlando Pace is out. An ailing Marc Bulger won;t play against the Arizona Cardinals, a team that appears to be solidly on the rise. More woes for the Rams as the are staring at an 0-5 start.

Lovie Smith is another good coach with a struggling team. Post Super Bowl blues? No, just no consisitent quarterbacking. Unless Griese can get in a groove the Chicago Bears will struggle to make the playoffs.  


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