NFL Rookies Gunning Away

by on May 11, 2008 updated May 11, 2008

 Ah, it’s minicamp time in the NFL. Time for veterans to dust off their rust. Time for fans to begin endless speculation. But most importantly, time for the New Kids on the Block to show their stuff. Most rookies won’t get a chance to start. They’ll have to pay their NFL dues. For a few though, there’s an opportunity to play a major role right off the bat.

The Atlanta Falcons are deperately hoping to put the whole Michael Vick era to rest. Boston College quarterback Matt Ryan could do just that. The Falcons, who face stiff competition from the Saints, Bucs, and Panthers in the NFC South, will provide a stern test for an Atlanta organization only a few years removed from a Super Bowl. But a lot of water has gone under the bridge since then and no sane NFL fan gives the Falcons a chance at the big game. Still, Ryan has as much potential as anyone and Vick was never a great passer, an essential quality in an NFL quarterback.  


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