NFL Recaps – Week 3

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Week 3 of the 2014 NFL season brought some surprises and some close games. We begin with the best game of the day and the most surprising game of the day.

Seattle Seahawks 26, Denver Broncos 20 – Peyton Manning drove his team 80 yards and converted a two point play to send this game into overtime. The Seahawks ended it with a touchdown drive in overtime to end any hopes of manning seeing the field again.

Arizona Cardinals 23, San Francisco 49ers 14 – For the second straight week the San Francisco 49ers blew a game in the second half. Credit a tenacious Cardinals defense that held the 49ers scoreless for two quarters and a workmanlike performance from Drew Stanton. Arizona is playing well, the 49ers, not so much.


The Best of the Rest


Dallas Cowboys 34, St. Louis Rams 31 – When the Rams were up by 21 points it would have been easy to throw in the towel for the Dallas Cowboys. They refused, and Tony Romo led his team back in an amazing comeback victory. There’s life in those Cowboys yet.

Philadelphia Eagles 37, Washington Redskins 34 – Kirk Cousins proved an able replacement for RG3 but a 427 yard, 3TD performance wasn’t enough as the Philadelphia Eagles rebounded from a 10-point deficit to win their third straight.

New York Giants 30, Houston Texans 17 – Who can figure out the New York Giants? After two miserable weeks, New York looked sharp in beating the Houston Texans.

New Orleans Saints 20, Minnesota Vikings 9 – The Saints got off to a good start, stalled, then came back to life. The Vikings played well defensively but without Adrian Peterson couldn’t muster much on the ground. Vikings fans also got a first look at Teddy Bridgewater as Matt Cassell left with a foot injury in the 2nd quarter.

Cincinnati Bengals 33, Tennessee Titans 7 – Everything went well for the Bengals, including a touchdown catch for Andy Dalton. Nothing went well for the Titans.

Baltimore Ravens 23, Cleveland Browns 21 – After beating the Saints on a last second field goal, the Browns were on the other end, losing 23-21 to Baltimore after blowing two field goals and missing an easy touchdown when wide receiver Taylor Gabriel…..fell down.

Detroit Lions 19, Green Bay Packers 7 – The Lions managed a ton of defense and enough offense to beat the Packers 19-7.





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