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by on July 28, 2007 updated August 10, 2007

 Everywhere across the country NFL ticket buyers have been lining up. As camps open the great ranking debate goes on. Who’s the best NFL team? Who’ll make it to the NFC Championship? The AFC Championship? The Super Bowl?

My opinion is that ranking is simply guesswork. Too many unkown factors can effect a team’s performance. Things like team chemistry, injuries, and yes, just plain luck. Which brings me to my point: Don’t discount the effect of being lucky. You can be great but it’s better to be lucky and nobody makes it to the Super Bowl without luck on their side. One bad bounce can make the difference between playing on Super Bowl Sunday or staying home.

That being said, most rankings out today have the San Diego Chargers sitting on top of the list, a fact that reinforces my theory about luck. What happened to the Chargers last year? One and out in the playoffs. After the Chargers we find most experts have the New England Patriots. Can’t argue with that. On paper it looks good. But lurking in the weeds is the Randy Moss factor. Is Moss a plus or minus? Only time will tell.

Surprisingly, I find my New Orleans Saints in the Top 5 along with the Chicago Bears, the Indianapolis Colts, and the Baltimore Ravens on many polls. That makes me nervous. Nothing makes a Saints fan more nervous than predictions of success. Better it should come out of the blue like last season than be expected of the Black and Gold.

So who’ll be standing at the end? Lady Luck.  


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