NFL Rankings – Week 3 AFC Wrapup

by on September 17, 2013 updated September 17, 2013

The AFC East. What can I say? The New England Patriots are 2-0 but I’ll be jinxed if I can say they look good doing it. Tom Brady is in a frenzy and the receivers are just barely adequate to beat the Buffalo Bills. The Miami Dolphins on the other hand just put up a very nice and well played win over the Indianapolis Colts. The Jets are miserable, eking out a giveaway win over Tampa Bay while Buffalo got their own giveaway against The Carolina Panthers. If the trends continue look for the Dolphins to grab the lead shortly.


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Oh my God the Kansas City Chiefs are 2-0. They’re winning and keeping pace with the Denver Broncos. In all fairness the Chiefs are maybe the second best team in the AFC West. The Denver Broncos are simply stomping people with huge victories over both Baltimore and the New York Giants. Meanwhile, Oakland and San Diego are still in the division. The Raiders even have a win over the hapless Jaguars.

Cincinnati Bengals fever got a little more intense as the Bengals upended the Steelers last night. That’s good enough for a 1-1 record and a share of the AFC North lead along with Baltimore. The Steelers are hurtin’ for certain, sharing the cellar with the 0-2 Browns. At least Cleveland isn’t surprised. The 2013 NFL season could belong to Cincinnati if they can continue to get good play out of their quarterback.

The AFC South features the Houston Texans at 2-0 but just barely. This is going to be a tough race with Indy. Though the Colts just lost to Miami, the Texans barely escaped San Diego and had a hard time with the Titans. The only sure wins on anyone’s schedule seems to be the week you play Jacksonville where even the TV stations are apologetic. Not good.

Obviously the Denver Broncos are the class of the AFC right now. They’re experiencing some player injuries but as long as Manning has some weapons the Broncos are the only team that can beat the Broncos.


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