NFL Rankings – Week 2 NFC Wrapup

by on September 17, 2013 updated September 17, 2013

It’s been an interesting two weeks in the NFL season. Some of the bigger names have cruised while some teams expected to do well have faltered. There are also some interesting races developing and quite frankly some real shockets. Let’s concentrate on the NFC in this article and we’ll move on to the AFC after that.


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In the NFC East there is no clear leader. The Dallas Cowboys have a win over the New York Giants and the Eagles have a win over the Redskins. But both the Redskins and Giants seem to be in complete funks so there aren’t any good wins in the entire division. There are only pitiful losses. Dallas got beaten by Kansas City. The Eagles got whipped by San Diego. The Redskins, who were so elated by the return of RG3, have watched a quarterback who is only a shadow of his former self. The winner of the NFC East could be a team that’s better than the rest of a bad lot.

NFC West may have to re-align their compasses after this week. We all knew this divisional race would come down to the Seahawks and the San Francisco 49ers. That’s why the Week 2 game was on everyone’s slate. Quite simply, the Seahawks kicked San Francisco’s butt and sent them home reeling from a 29-3 loss. Clearly the Seahawks defense is among the best in the NFL. Maybe THE best in the NFL. Any way you look at it the 49ers have to recover and win Round 2 in San Francisco.

The NFC North is being led by the 2-0 Chicago Bears, a team with victories but no clear cut identity. Cutler has struggled quite frankly, but Mark Trestman is at least getting some wins. Meanwhile, the high flying Detroit Lions offense was laid low this week by the Arizona Cardinals. And Adrian Peterson is still winless.

The NFC South opened with an epic win by the New Orleans Saints over the hated Atlanta Falcons. That was the first surprise. The second surprise was to see those same Saints barely whip a dysfunctional Buccaneers team in Week 2. And Carolina? Don’t even go there. New Orleans holds the upper hand currently but this race is far from over.

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