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by on October 22, 2013 updated October 22, 2013

Once again another week has passed in the NFL and we’re faced with deciding which teams in the NFL should be placed in the upper echelon and all the way to the bottom. After all, when you’re deciding which NFL tickets should be on your wish list you’d like to pick the most timely, the most important, NFL tickets of the day. So with full knowledge that the NFL is as fluid as well, water, we begin our discussion of NFL rankings.


NFL Football Tickets


¬†Seattle Seahawks – If there’s one thing you can say about the Seattle Seahawks it’s that they’re balanced. At any given moment the Seahawks can call upon their offense, defense, or special teams to win a game. That versatility has been tested but not broken.

New Orleans Saints – I’m somewhat shocked that the Saints are being called the second best team in the NFL. But several polls have decreed it so. My concern about New Orleans centers around the lack of a power running game and a defense that’s playing well but seems held together with duct tape and spontaneous outbursts of performance. We’ll find out all we need to know about the Saints in the next five weeks or so.

Indianapolis Colts – Current ranked #3 buy many polls. The Colts may have been a legit #3 if they had beaten Denver and escaped unharmed. The loss of Reggie Wayne disturbs me though and I have a hard time seeing Indianapolis holding on to this spot.

Denver Broncos – Have the Colts unwrapped the key to beating the Denver Broncos? For whatever reason Denver failed to find any spark against Indianapolis but still managed to almost come back. They’re a scary #4.

Green Bay Packers – #5 on the strength of Aaron Rodgers and a good offense. Dangerous but weakening rapidly and we have to wonder if the Packers can fight their way through a growing injury list.



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