NFL Quarterbacks – The New Wave

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The NFL is a league in constant evolution and nowhere is that more evident than at the quarterback position, mainly because so much focus is put on quarterbacks and it’s hard to find a more visible position. A quarterback can make or break you much more visibly than any other position. 2012 NFL ticket holders are going to see plenty of new faces, some they’ve been anticipating and some that came from out of the blue. Here’s a quick review of teams and the new gunslingers under center.

Indianapolis Colts – The Colts releases a future Hall of Fame quarterback and hope they got a new one with Andrew Luck. The Stanford product has been called the most NFL ready quarterback to come out of college in years and so far he’s shown no signs of disappointing anyone. But he won’t be an instant savior in my opinion. The Colts showed how weak they were when Manning got hurt and this is still a team being assembled.

Washington Redskins – If the Colts went for substance the Washington Redskins went for flash and huge potential. If Robert Griffin III comes anywhere near his potential the Redskins will have an explosive playmaker for the next decade. Griffin has even hard to please Mike Shanahan gushing about his abilities. Word is out that RG3 is the guy to take the Washington Redskins to the next level.

Seattle Seahawks – Now this is an unexpected story. When the Seahawks signed Mtt Flynn to a mega-contract during the off-season it was anticipated that Flynn would step right into the starting position. But hold on. 3rd round draft pick Russell Wilson simply dazzled in the pre-season, outplayed Flynn, and the Seattle Seahawks find themselves among the teams with a rookie playcaller taking the helm in 2012.

Arizona Cardinals – The Arizona Cardinals were hoping that Kevin Kolb was their guy after paying him big bucks last year. But Kolb has had a miserable pre-season and Arizona got a pleasant surprise by the play of John Skelton, who’s been successful in the past, though his numbers are nothing to brag about. But given the full time starting position, and with the stable of weapons the Cardinals can field, Skelton could be the guy to turn things around in Arizona.

Miami Dolphins – Miami hasn’t had a Grade A quarterback since Marino. They hope they’ve gotten a steal with Ryan Tannehill out of Texas A&M. He’s certainly got the size and he’s performed fairly well in the 2012 NFL pre-season. You’ve got to like the Dolphins moxie here. they’ll put Tannehill on the field to start 2012 and I think they’ll stick with him during the inevitable rookie mishaps.

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