NFL Power Rankings – Top 10 – Agree or Disagree?

by on November 4, 2014 updated November 4, 2014

Analyzing NFL Rankings



ESPN just came out with their power rankings for the NFL. You can find them here. Let’s see whether I agree or disagree with the rankings. Here from 1 to 10.

New England Patriots – I may not like it but I can’t argue the point. The Patriots manhandled a very good Denver Broncos team and more importantly the New England Patriots have an unparalleled record of success. Agree.

Arizona Cardinals – The Cardinals are 7-1 and you can’t argue with winning. What they haven’t done is won in past years to build up the credibility of New England. That takes more proof. Agree 

Denver Broncos – One bad game shouldn’t make up panic. Manning sucked and Brady excelled. The Broncos are a very good team that had a bad outing. More evidence is needed before they drop any further. Agree

Philadelphia Eagles – While Philadelphia won this week with Mark Sanchez finishing for Nick Foles, the Eagles have become a high risk pick under Sanchez. I believe a sixth or seventh place ranking would be justified until Sanchez proves he’s not a total disaster. Disagree

Indianapolis Colts – Andrew Luck continues to play well. As long as he does I can live this spot. Agree

Detroit Lions – The Detroit Lions have earned this #6 spot by winning despite key injuries. The next three weeks will give us better insight into the psyche of this Lions team. For now, I think they could have been ranked above Indy. Disagree

Pittsburgh Steelers – Earlier in the season I wrote off the Steelers. The last two weeks may have made me look like a fool. Is this smoke and mirrors or the real thing? For now I’m comfortable with the 7 spot.

Green Bay Packers – After a loss to New Orleans, the Packers must rebound. The 8 spot is enough until they prove their resilience.

Dallas Cowboys – After a huge buildup the Dallas Cowboys are reeling from injury and the failure of their heavy run game and no Tony Romo. Sinking to 9 may be generous. Disagree (Should be lower)

Seattle Seahawks – Talk about your dropoffs. The Seahawks are not only playing poorly but have become the target of intense media speculation. Only winning will cure that and we don’t mean beating the Raiders. Seattle has to find their spark and if the don’t this will be a middle of the pack NFL team in a few weeks.


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