NFL Playoffs – Tickets Punching Games in the NFC

by on December 28, 2013 updated December 28, 2013

┬áThere are plenty of NFL games this weekend with NFL playoff ticket implications. The 2013 NFL season is ending in cliffhanger fashion, just the way the NFL likes it. We’re going to take a quick look at some general games. Following posts will have these NFL Playoff Ticket punchers in more details.


NFL Football Tickets


Carolina Panthers vs Atlanta Falcons – The Panthers are in the playoff but must must win against Atlanta to clinch the NFC South and a 2st Round bye in the playoffs. It’s even possible for Carolina to grab the #1 seed in the conference. For that to happen the 49ers must prevail over Arizona and less likely, the Rams must top Seattle.

Green Bay Packers at Chicago Bears – Aarron Rodgers is back. The Packers and Bears meet up for an NFC North clinching game. A tie won’t do it for Green Bay. The Bears are still reeling from a stunning loss last week against Philadelphia. On the good side, the Bears are at home.

Dallas Cowboys vs Philadelphia Eagles – The weirdest divsion in the NFL, the NFC East, will be decided in a winner take all game on Sunday. This could have been another chance for Tony Romo to win a division title in the last game of the season, a feat he’s failed to accomplish two consecutive prior seasons. Instead, it will be Kyle Orton under center for the Cowboys. Upside for the Cowboys? They tore up Nick Foles in the first meeting this season so maybe Orton won’t have to try and play keepup on the scoreboard.

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