NFL Playoffs from the soldiers

by on December 31, 2007 updated December 31, 2007

 The NFL Playoffs are at hand. I originally inteneded to offer my own thoughts on the subject but since I’m getting ready to deploy to Iraq to work alongside the soldiers I thought I’d offer their thoughts. Today We’ll do NFC Wild Card Games

 Wild Card games

Saturday Redskins vs Seahawks

 James P. - A private from Washington.

“The Washington Redskins have a better defense than Seattle. Joe Gibbs has won it before. I like the Redskins by 3.”

Ryan S.  – Private from Washington (state) “No way. The Seahawks will blow them away. They’ve been to the Super Bowl before and won’t take no for an answere in getting back. The Skins just got lucky.”

 Giants vs Bucs

Amy L – Lieutenant from Florida “The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have it all. they’ve got a solid running game, a quarterback that’s not great but not making mistakes either, and a better defense. That’s all it takes. The Giants will fold like an accordion.”

Philip G. from the Bronx  “Throw out what happened to the Giants the last few years. They played great against the Patriots. They play like that on Saturday and the Bucs don’t stand a chance. Go Eli!”

These young guys are pumped for the playoffs. Though we’ll be 10,000 miles from home they’ll be watching. And the endless debates about the merits of each team go on endlessly. Don’t you just love playoff time?


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