NFL Playoffs – Erics Guaranteed Picks – And Why

by on January 10, 2009 updated January 10, 2009

Arizona Cardinals vs Carolina Panthers – My whole intellect screams for me to take the Carolina Panthers in this one. They’ve got the bruising running game, the steady QB, and history on their side. The Arizona Cardinals on the other hand have just one good game in the last five weeks. So, as much as I like the idea of a Kurt Warner comeback I goota go with the Panthers.

Baltimore Ravens vs Tennessee Titans – This is strictly a QB pick. While the Ravens have a terrific defense that could carry the day I think this is the year of the rookie quarterback making an impact. Joe Flacco is emerging and too inexperienced to understand he can’t win. So he will.

Philadelphia Eagles vs New York Giants – The Eagles are in by a miracle and a once in a lifetime confluence of the stars. Their time is up.

Pittsburgh Steelers vs San Diego Chargers – San Diego is ailing and an 8-8 team doesn’t belong here. The Steelers will romp and romp big time. No miracles this time.


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