NFL Playoffs – Will the Broncos be Unbroken?

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The Denver Broncos have been one of the better teams in the NFL since the arrival of Peyton Manning. No doubt, Manning has pushed the broncos to new heights. The question is whether he can push Denver to the ultimate height. Despite the gaudy statistics the knock on Manning has always been his performance in big games and his ability to repeat as a Super Bowl winner. In his last appearance in the Super Bowl the prevailing image is a pick six that sealed the win for the New Orleans Saints.

As we enter crunch time and the NFL playoffs loom on the horizon, Manning will once again be leading a team into the race. His Broncos are a solid 11-4. But there are questions, always questions. Manning has not been on a tear heading into the postseason and his last game was as bad as anything we’ve see in several years, Four interceptions, including a pick six with less than three minutes that ended up being the killer. With 39 touchdown passes it’s hard to criticize Peyton Manning but now is not the time to slump and having tossed more interceptions (6) than touchdowns in his last few games a slump is what this looks like.

With the #1 seed locked down, the Denver Broncos are hoping to stay away from the 1st round of the playoffs and get some extra time to prepare. Thankfully, the Oakland Raiders will not offer much in the way of opposition and Denver can get ready for winning when it matters most. Ultimately, the prize is a game in New England against the Patriots for the AFC Championship. Breaking down now would be a pity.



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