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by on January 2, 2012 updated January 2, 2012

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NFL Playoff tickets are here and there are going to be some wild times ahead of us. This batch of NFL contenders is a good one, with enough questions around every team to make you shake your head and give up predicting who’s going to make their way to the Super Bowl. But since I don’t have good sense and am always willing to go out on a limb with stupid predictions I’m going to give an NFL Playoff preview and hope folks don’t laugh too hard or get too mad.

First up is a homer preview of the Lions at Saints NFL Wild Card matchup. The Saints will win. The Lions have been inconsistent and seem to be torn apart at the seams, notwithstanding their excellent game against the Packers. More to the point, Drew Brees is a freakin’ machine and I don’t think the Lions have reached a point where they can shut down the Saints offense.

On the other side of the NFC is the Falcons and Giants Wild Card game. This is one of those totally unpredictable NFL Playoff tickets. While I don’t think the Falcons have been playing consistent football, I think they are capable of playing better football than New York. But, the Giants are at home. My guess is that the Giants will fold and the Falcons will go to Green Bay.

Our next NFL Playoff ticket is the Texans and Bengals. Two rookie quarterbacks, the Texans are banged up and the Bengals are one of those teams that’s managed to get where they are without any substance as to why. Except Andy Dalton. I’m going to give this one to the Bengals because they shouldn’t be here anyway and Dalton has more experience, as limited as that might be.

Finally our last NFL Playoff tickets take us to Mile High Stadium, the site of the Tim Tebow Revolution, which has fallen on hard times the last two weeks. As much as I’d like to see Tim Tebow and the Broncos continue to make fools out of the so called experts I don’t think he’s at a point where he can handle the Steelers defense and Ben Roethlisberger has been there and done that. Advantage to the traveling Steelers and year 1 of Tebow Time comes to a screeching halt.

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