NFL Playoff Tickets – Vikings vs Packers – Arm and Legs

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NFL Playoff tickets bring the Vikings and Packers in the Wild Card Round, a true matchup of diverse styles. the Minnesota Vikings make no bones about it, they are riding the legs of Adrian Peterson in this thing just as they have the entire 2012 NFL season. It’s a good strategy. Peterson, coming off surgery, is turning in one of the most remarkable seasons any NFL running back can have, falling just short of matching the NFL record for a running back. To think he began the season under a serious cloud is now somehow unthinkable.

The Vikings come into this game in Lambeau Field at 10-6, one of those lightning in a bottle stories that make NFL tickets so unpredictable. I can’t think of anyone who had Minnesota in this position prior to the season. To top it off the Vikings just got finished whipping the pack last Sunday. Does that make it easier this time? I don’t think so. It may make them more confident. But in the NFL beating the same team twice in two weeks isn’t all that common.

As for the Green Bay Packers, I believe they’ll be playing with a chip on their shoulder. And at home in Lambeau. Not a good combination for a visiting team. The Packers have ridden the arm of Aarron Rodgers this fall and they’ll do it again. While he’s not burning up the field as he did last season, Rodgers was still good for 4,000+ yards. If Green Bay has had any problems this season they’ve mostly come on the road. The Pack is 7-1 at home in Lambeau Field in 2012.

Vikings vs Packers tickets will be one of the better Wild Card Games in this early playoff schedule. For my toast, I’m thinking the Packers slow Peterson down, not stop him but slow him down, and the friendly confines of Lambeau Field lend themselves to a Packers victory.

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