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NFL Playoff tickets will be bringing a rookie showdown to the stage this weekend as the Seahawks and Redskins meet in the NFC Wild Card round in Washington. This is an especially interesting game. Both the Seahawks and Redskins have dared to gamble on rookie signal callers this NFL season and the decision has paid off in spades for both teams.

Griffin has been the darling of the media since his arrival in Washington. A rare combination of running ability, savvy, and a shotgun arm laced with accuracy, Griffin has been a boon to the Redskins offense, and provided a general lift to the team overall. Seven straight wins elevated Washington from an afterthought to NFC East Champions. Griffin can win with both his arm and his legs,proving the Redskins gamble to move up in the NFL Draft was a sound one.

Russell Wilson on the other hand, is much more of a surprise. The Seahawks looked to have every intention of starting Matt Flynn, making a big trade before pre-season, and paying the big money also. Then along comes Wilson, a 3rd Round selection in the draft, and all those plans went out the window. Five other quarterbacks were taken before him. Wilson threw for over 3,000 yards in 2012 and seems to have all the intangibles that make NFL teams drool.

But let’s not forget that as good as these quarterbacks are, their teams are built to pound the football. Seattle is getting a record year from Marshawn Lynch with 1,590 yards and ranked just behind guess who? Alfred Morris of the Washington Redskins who had 1,613. While it’s quite possible that this game could yield some fireworks from either side, chances are the team that can pound the ball consistently will walk away with this one.

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