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by on December 31, 2012 updated December 31, 2012


NFL Football Tickets


If you have NFL Playoff tickets consider yourself lucky. My team didn’t make the cut. That being said I now deliver my picks for the upcoming NFL Playoffs opening round. Remember, I won my fantasy football league championship and am the frontrunner on our weekly pick em contest.

Cincinnati Bengals vs Houston Texans – Houston will host this playoff game and I’m undecided as to whether it’s the only advantage they’ve got. But I’m so used to seeing the Bengals lose that I’ve got to go with home advantage. Take the Texans.

Indianapolis Colts vs Baltimore Ravens – Joe Flaco has been in a slump and Andrew Luck is hot. The Baltimore defense is a shadow of it’s former intimidating self. I think the Colts pull this one off.

Minnesota Vikings vs Green Bay Packers – The surprising Vikings will unleash Adrian Peterson on the Packers again. But I’m not sure that’s going to be enough. I’ve got to go with Green Bay.

Seattle Seahawks vs Washington Redskins – I’m torn here. My boss loves the Redskins so I’m hoping he doesn’t read this blog. While I love RG3 and what he’s done for this Washington team, the Seattle Seahawks are the hottest team in the NFC right now. I’m going with Seattle.

We’ll see how I do after next Sunday. get your NFL Playoff tickets ready you lucky $#%&^%$#.


P.S. We’ll be analyzing these games in more depth throughout the week.



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