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The NFC turned in some unusual results this weekend. The Carolina Panthers went to Arizona and turned in a record setting defensive performance and the Cowboys won a playoff game.

Panthers at Cardinals – You kind of had the feeling that things would go this way. The Arizona Cardinals started Ryan Lindley after injuries to everyone else in the universe who might play quarterback. No knock on Lindley but the kid just doesn’t have the experience yet and it showed, with the Cardinals generating a mere 77 yards of offense.

The Panthers made a ton of mistakes, the kind of mistakes that will get you ousted from the playoffs in a normal situation. In this case, the Panthers earned a trip to Seattle where, odds are, they’ll be pounded into submission by the end of the first half.

Cowboys vs Lions – Here it comes. You know, how the Detroit Lions got robbed so the Cowboys could advance and make the NFL a ton of money. It’s a given. To wit, a defensive pass interference flag was picked up at a crucial time late in the game, changing the situation from a 1st Down to a 4th and 1 for the Lions, who were leading by three points at the time.

This one is going to take a hell of a lot of explanation from the NFL. Anyway, the Dallas Cowboys will have to win in Green Bay next week.


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