NFL Playoff Picture Narrowing…..A Little

by on December 10, 2012 updated December 10, 2012


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After this week’s games in the NFL we can see the playoff picture narrowing slightly but the results also introduce some interesting possibilities. Here’s a few observations.

The New Orleans Saints are out. Having turned to Steve Spagnuolo to bring some respectability to their defense the Saints ended up with the worst defense in NFL history. Can you say disappointing?

The Carolina Panthers took down the Atlanta Falcons this week. This may say more about the Falcon’s vulnerability than the Panther’s prowess. Atlanta is a model of playoff failure. Losing to Carolina is a major blow to their ego and could cost them the #1 seed in the NFC.

The New York Giants rolled over the New Orleans Saints so consistently we have to wonder if this is the beginning of another New York streak that could put them back in the Super Bowl.

At 4-9 the Detroit Lions have to be the most talented division cellar dweller in the NFL. Is it coaching, mental chaos, or what?

The NFC East may be the most interesting race in years. Both the Redskins and the Cowboys are still within striking distance of the Giants.

The Houston look to be the class of the AFC and can prove that with a victory over New England.

Denver rolls on under Manning. Can he be the first QB to win a Super Bowl with two different teams?

You have to like the plucky Colts under Andrew Luck. This franchise appears to have mined gold with consecutive quarterbacks taken in the draft.

Buddy Ryan is singing his swan song with the Jets.

How bad is Arizona? 58-0? Really. This puts the Seahawks in contention for the NFC West if San Francisco stumbles. The showdown is coming.





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