NFL Playoffs – Colts vs Chiefs

by on January 4, 2014 updated January 4, 2014

 NFL tickets are in their glory right now as the playoff version takes root and changes every NFL game into a do or die situation. The Indianapolis Colts and Kansas City Chiefs will kick off the celebration on Saturday. But only one team will be celebrating when the dust clears.


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 The Colts are looking as if they’ve got everything oroned out right now. They’ve got Andrew Luck on a hot streak and enough defense to win their last three games by sizeable margins. One of those wins was against the Chiefs, their opponent on Saturday.

 The Chiefs haven’t been so hot to end the regular season. Having lost their last pair of games they’ve got some amping up to do. However, they will benefit from the return of some key players. Justin Houston, who has been sorely missed at linebacker, should be ready to go for this playoff matchup. Dwayne Bowe is returning from a concussion hiatus and gives Alex Smith some veteran experience. The Chiefs should also be fresh. Many of them took off in Week 17 as their playoff position was set in stone.

For both teams the turnover battle is going to be crucial, if there are any turnovers. Neither the Chiefs nor the Colts have been generous in the 2013 NFL season while both defenses have suffered some inconsistency. Kansas City has the advantage of home field though and that could make a difference. But the Colts don’t think so according to Robert Mathis “It’s all about getting hot at the right time.”


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