NFL News – And They’re Off!

by on March 11, 2014 updated March 11, 2014

 Free agent Bonanza!                   Build Your Super Bowl Winners!

 Anything is possible now. The weak will become strong. Losers will become winners. The also rans will become the leaders of the pack and the NFL will go topsy turvy in the next few days. Sure feels that way doesn’t it. Nothing like the prospect of signing a major NFL free agent to get the blood flowing in fans. It’s also a nice way to kick off some interesting conversations. Like this one.

 Anyway, here’s the latest we can glean from the wire:

 Jacksonville Jaguars – Dumped Blaine Gabbert. The Jaguars finally made the decision of quarterback Blaine Gabbert. After trading up to get him and giving him plenty of opportunity, Gabbert never made the cut in Jacksonville. Now he’s on his way to the San Francisco 49ers for a sixth round pick.


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 Dallas Cowboys – To the surprise of exactly nobody the Dallas Cowboys unleashed a massive salary cap hit in the form of DeMarcus Ware. When you are going to cost $16 million and you look like you’re on the tage end of performance and health, that’s what happens. Someone will take a chance on Ware.

 Chicago Bears – It was a bad day for ends. The Bear also cut loose a big name guy in Julius Peppers. Peppers hasn’t seen as much of a drop as Ware but he will cost Chicago $13 million. Too much for seven sacks.

 Miami Dolphins – Miami was spending money on their offensive line, signing Branden Albert to a big contract of $46 million over five years. On the other side of the line Miami added Earl Mitchell, formerly of Houston. Looks like the basic building blocks are a priority in Miami.


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