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by on October 16, 2012 updated October 16, 2012


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The NFL is a constant maelstrom of activity and news, only some of which bears repeating. I’m going to put myself out on a limb here and say that I know what’s worth reading and what’s not worth reading. Ha!!

New Orleans Saints helmet

The New Orleans Saints unending saga of bounty and bounceback continues with the news that linebacker Jonathan Vilma could possibly be allowed to play against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers this coming weekend. Vilma was suspended, re-instated, suspended, and is now appealing the last suspension. The question is if Vilma can help the ailing Saints defense if he’s fully recovered from a knee injury.



Andy Reid and the Philadelphia Eagles have had a 15-year relationship with no Super Bowl rings to show for it. the last few years have been full of controversy and poor performance. It’s apparently been put on the table that Reid needs to win this season, advance deeply into the playoffs, and prove himself again or he’s out. Honestly, Reid made the wrong move with Michael Vick. Not so much in giving him a chance but in handing over the reins of the team. It’s a Do or Die 2012 NFL season in Philly.


At 3-3 the New York Jets need a ton of work. I just read an article reminding me that the Jets were 4-6 and went on a tear to reach the AFC Championship game the first season under Rex Ryan. Now I’m supposed to believe they can do it again. I think the situation is different now. At that point in time everyone was buying the manic, bullying Rex Ryan. Now they’re just tired of him.


Green Bay Packers I predicted a win by the Houston Texans against the Green Bay Packers but that damn Aaron Rodgers did me in big time. So, does this mean Green Bay is a legit Super Bowl contender again? I’ll reserve judgement. One win does not a champion make. But a convincing 42-24 win over a very good Texans team should at least put the Packers back in the discussion.


Atlanta Falcons Helmet The Atlanta Falcons are perfect. being a Saints fans it pains me to see that but the Falcons have built a team that can attack in so many ways that defending coaches are pulling their hair out. Matt Ryan is playing well and if it keeps up Atlanta will handily win the NFC South and leave the rest of the division fighting over table scraps. But the monkey won’t be off the Falcons back until they win a playoff game, pure and simple.


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