NFL News for Week 6

by on October 10, 2012 updated October 10, 2012


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What’s in the NFL news this week?

Robert Griffin III of the Washington Redskins will probably play against the Minnesota Vikings this week. Griffin, who suffered a concussion against the Atlanta Falcons, was cleared to practice according to sources. In the course of five games the Redskins have discovered that they have a genuine playmaker on their hands. Now they’ve got to find a way to protect him from himself.

There’s much worse news for the Houston Texans, who have lost the services of linebacker Brian Cushing due to an ACL tear. This one should stir up the pot a bit. Cushing was injured on a very questionable block by the Jets Matt Slauson. Considering the recent actions of the NFL in suspending and fining players who have deliberately intended to hurt other players (or so they claim), how will the league handle a player being lost for the season when the play wasn’t flagged? Interesting.

The Indianapolis Colts have to be feeling very good about themselves this week after stunning Green Bay in a comeback win. The good news is that they’ll get to play a New York jets team that is spiraling downward swiftly and has no real alternative other than Tim Tebow.  Sanchez hasn’t played well but let’s be real, Tebow hasn’t been a spark in limited action and the Jets have been hit pretty hard with injuries.

While there’s no particular news surrounding the Denver Broncos I’m beginning to get the feeling that the whole Manning experiment has been overblown. He hasn’t transformed this team into an instant Super Bowl contender. The rest of the team, including a defense that gave up 200+ rushing yards, has to give Manning something to work with. Like Possesions, time, and field position.



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