NFL News – Vick to Jets – Sanchez to Eagles

by on March 24, 2014 updated March 24, 2014

Are the Philadelphia Eagles and New York Jets swapping quarterbacks? Michael Vick, who was replaced very effectively by Nick Foles, has signed with the New York Jets. That kind of makes sense. The Jets have to find some kind of quarterback in case their current guy doesn’t cut the mustard. Vick is a veteran and can fill in.


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How does Mark Sanchez fit in with the Eagles? Obviously not as a starter. Foles has that deal locked up. The Eagles also have Matt Barkley, a promising second year guy. Sanchez might become the primary backup to Foles and get a chance to play in case Foles goes down. If he can beat out Barkley. Maybe, just maybe, Sanchez wants a spot where he can be out of the limelight, regain some confidence, and take advantage of any opportunities that might come his way. It’s going to be interesting to see if he can pass the physical and what kind of contract he signs. If it';s not long term then Sanchez is thinking of himself as a rebuilding project.

Meanwhile, out west, the Oakland Raiders have picked up Matt Schaub from the Houston Texans. There’s a massive rebuild going on in Oakland. Of course, there has been a massive rebuilding project going on for years in Oakland. This is only the latest incarnation. Schaub could be good for the Raiders if he can regain his form of three seasons ago. Or maybe, the Oakland Raiders have picked up another washed out quarterback.


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