NFL News – Trouble in San Francisco and Combine Stuff

by on February 24, 2014 updated February 24, 2014


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What’s a guy gotta do to get a little love in the NFL? For a coach it’s easy. Win a Super Bowl. Nothing else will suffice. Jim Harbaugh came to a struggling San Francisco 49ers team and the result has been three straight NFC Championship games and one Super Bowl appearance. That elusive Super Bowl win is what’s causing all the trouble. Rumor central has it that Harbaugh wants to be paid along the lines of NFL head coaches who have won a Super Bowl. He’s one game away from being qualified though, from what speculation is on the management side. Harbough is intense and quirky and driven and for some reason his GM doesn’t seem to like him. Thus, the rampant speculation that Jim Harbough was almost traded to the Cleveland Browns. Stay tunes, this sopa opera will continue.

┬áThe NFL Combine continues to be news. Johnny Manziel has turned in a very impressive performance so far and dome nothing to quiet, or answer, his critics or supportes. Manziel seems to be showing his true colors, a rather short but extremely talented and driven and outspoken college quarterback who may or may not be a success in the NFL. Meanwhile Jadeveaon Clowney continues to puzzle. Clowney turned in some amazing numbers in the 40-yard dash today, beating quarterback times, most of the running back times, and certainly dominating among defensive linemen. But that’s not the question surrounding Jadeveaon Clowney is it? Nope. Clowney had done nothing to dispel his image of being a lazy player who takes plays off and fails to work as hard as he should at practice and in games. He’s got talent, no doubt. But does he have the heart? And can he change gears like a premiere NFL defensive linemen? After skipping the cone drills, nobody knows anything other than what’s on tape.



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